I've basically been an audiophile from birth. In fact, one of my first memories ever is of staring at the
Beatles album
1962-1966 when being minded at a neighbor's (the Hall's) home. I wasn't discriminating
as a little kid, but I happened to come across a lot of music early on that drew me in and initiated a
lifelong love of various types of music. Some standout examples include
Andy Williams, Dionne Warwick
sings Burt Bacharach, Herb Albert's    "Whipped Cream and Other Delights,"  The Osmond's
"Homemade," and "Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Jerome Kern Songbook." Being that I was only 4-7 years
old at the time, I was limited to what I was able to pull from my parents record collection (the Dione
Warwick was actually on 8-track). But, despite not being interested in most of what my parents owned, I
feel fortunate to have come across these (and a few other) titles that really appealed to me.

One of my favorite things to do growing up was to sit in my room, listening to records and reading liner
notes. I attempted to play trumpet for several years but never became very good. Received numerous
piano lessons but didn't have the discipline to continue. So, I became comfortable with the role of
connoiseur. While in my 20's I worked for 3 different record shops (only the Gray Whale is still around). I
still love to spin records, but time and technology catches up to all of us, and I now buy my music almost
exclusively on cd, while my wife is an Ipod gal.

This page is here in order to document and share information and opinions of the music I'm interested in.
You'll find reviews of music I buy or shows I've seen live. I've also included info and links to bands I like,
and some info about some of the music DVDs I own. I'd love to hear from anyone else out there that has
something to say about what you find here, or about the music you know and enjoy yourself.
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