Food and Drink
The fact that we live in a time and place where we are able to have ready access to so many wonderfully
different kinds of quality food is truly a blessing. Unlike generations that came before, we here in the U.S.
in the 21st century are able to regularly enjoy vast and varied types of foods ranging from Brazilian grilled
meats, to Vietnamese soups, to Sushi, to French delicacies. I don't know about you, but I feel like a kid in
a candy store. I didn't always have a natural appreciation for the number of different foods that exist
throughout the world, but as I got older and had increasing exposure to more varieties of quality food, I
came to see it as one of the wonderful reasons for being alive. Dinning (as opposed to merely "eating") on
the great foods of the world is not only a way of maintaining one's life, but indeed a way of confirming the
fact that one is truly LIVING!

Having a proper drink to accompany a proper meal cannot be underestimated. The pairing of drink with
meal is an especially satisfying aspect of dinning for me. In fact, there are times when the drinking can be
the first concern, while the food is there to compliment the drinking (I thank both the Japanese and
Australian people for teaching me this!). This often speaks directly to the social aspects of dinning that
also have great appeal to me.

So, this page is dedicated to speaking to some of the various aspects of what I most enjoy about eating
and drinking. While it doesn't attempt to cover all the foods and/or drinks I enjoy, this page will give you
some idea as to why I love the world of culinary and potable delights.
Some Favorite Foods
Other Japanese
Classic/Modern American
Pizza/Burgers/Casual Dinning
"A woman drove me to drink and I didn't
even have the decency to thank her."      --
W.C. Fields
Who says Utah doesn't have good beer? Four of the state's microbreweries captured seven medals during
the recent 2006 World Beer Cup competition in Seattle. Squatter's Pub Brewery won three medals: gold for
its India Pale Ale; silver for Emigration Amber Ale; and bronze for Victory Altbier, a Brown Ale. Redrock
Brewing Co. earned two silvers for its Nut Brown Ale and Roggen Rock, a rye beer. Uinta Brewing Co.'s
Cutthroat Pale Ale received a bronze, while Utah's Brewer's Cooperative received a silver for its Evolution
Amber Ale. The Beer Cup, sponsored by the national Brewers Association, is the largest international beer
competition for commercial brewers. Some 540 brewers from 56 countries participated.
My Watering Holes
"Part of the secret to success in life is to eat what you like"
-Mark Twain
Salt Lake City
Other Utah
Sydney, Australia
Honolulu, Hawaii