Like so many other things contained on my website, art is one of those things I was inherently interested in from
childhood, though I only had limited talent in practice. I tried my hand at photography, drawing, and graphic
design at various points of my teenage years, but never passionately pursued any of them. Though I took a
couple of Art and Art History courses during college, I now often wish I would have double-majored, making Art
History one of my degrees. While I've always tried to regularly expose myself to art through regularly visiting
museums and galleries, it is only over recent years that I've tried to make a real attempt at upping my education
and understanding of art and my own take on it. Art (painting, drawing, sculpture, video arts) has always spoken
to me in a special way; a way that is unique, yet often related to the way in which I'm effected by music.

My tastes definitely are fixed in the direction of contemporary and modern art. While it may sound trite, I'll
readily admit that the first artist to make a significant impression on me is Pablo Picasso. I was too young (maybe
13) to know anything about why he was so highly regarded or how to interpret his work through an historical
prism, yet I had a sincere and innate appreciation for his work. Since that time I've come to have a particularly
keen appreciation for other great artists such as Joan Miro, Mark Rothko, and Piet Mondrian. You'll find
information about some other less known contemporary artists I admire, as well as some examples of their work,
by linking to my "Artists" page below. You'll also be able to link to listings of museums and galleries I like and to
some funky art sites. I've also recently been purchasing art books, and will add them to the bottom of this page
as I continue to buy them.

Love to hear what you have to say about what you find here or tips on other interesting artists, museums,
galleries, or art related websites. Feel free to write me at:
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