This media page is a page that generally concerns itself with news/information media as opposed to entertainment
media. You'll find separate pages for entertainment at the Home page. As many newspapers, radio/tv programs
often also have online access, at times the following media references may contain overlapping information.
However, in general I've tried to list references under the category with which it's most regularly associated.
No one goes unaffected by the modern media resources of television, radio, newspapers, and online
news sites. In fact, we often are effected in ways, and to degrees to which we're unaware. The more
that the modern media changes, the more this fact is realized. Indeed the nature of popular media has
changed dramatically over the past 20 years or so, and the effects have been fascinating. I lived most
of my life under the same illusion that most of us did in those times when "Uncle Walty" said "...and
that's the way it is.," and thought that perhaps that really was the way it is. Thanks to the emergence
of cable news, talk radio, and internet news sites, the curtain has now been pushed aside to reveal
that the "wizard" is in fact a self-serving, cowardly, spiteful old man. Thanks to this exposure, the
"old" media of network news, big newspapers, and grocery store magazines are being seen more and
more as agenda driven instruments of the social movements and political entities of the Left.

It's an exciting time in which to live for news junkies. At last we are now free from the prescribed
templates of the past, and actually have ready access to diverse viewpoints. Not only does this serve
to allow us all to be better informed and use a greater degree of critical thinking about the issues of
the day, but I find it highly entertaining as well. Much of the entertainment value comes from
watching the old, outdated media types scramble not only to keep up, but to constantly reassure itself
of it's own relevance. Many in the media see themselves as armies of Woodwords and Bernsteins,
when in fact they are often just so many Mary Mapes and Dan Rathers.

The links below will direct you to pages containing my take on the specifics of each medium, and how
I make use of them in my daily life. Some of the information may be fairly obvious and widely known,
while some may be new and somewhat esoteric. Either way, I hope you'll find something of interest,
and perhaps something that will serve as an additional source of information for you in the future.
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